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Weaner flooring

Country of Origin:
Main Export Markets:

Functional fabrics
Post Date :2014-09-19
Expire Date :2015-09-19
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Detailed Trade Lead Description
Art.No. Construction Desc.
D2756 63”(T300D+T75D125D)×T/C3412 100×46 Jacquard
D2128 65”(T150D+T/C45/2+/25D)×T300D 156×55 Jacquard
D4252 72”(T/C45/2+/25D+T300D)×T300D 83×66 Twill
D1011 70”JC40×T75D/T400 114×80 Jacquard
D2627 79”JC21×T150D/T400 79×76 Jacquard
D2018 63”Coolplus/C32×32 133×72 Twill
D4237 63”TN32×32 108×66 Twill
D3730 63”TN/C20×JC21 92×60 Twill
D2754 63”TN20×JC21 100×60 Twill
D1552 TN/C30×30 133×72 Jacquard
D1420 63”Bamb0032×32 120×70 Twill
D1421 63”Bamb0032×(Bamb0032+T45) 120×76 Plain
D1422 63”Bamb0032×T100D 120×70 Plain
D1422 63”Bamb0032×JC32 120×70 Plain
D3409 63”Moda140/2×T100D 110×76 Twill
D3840 63”Moda140/2×T150D 108×78 Article wick
D4337 63”Moda132×T100D 103×70 Plain
D4435 63”Moda140×T150D 133×64 Composite oblique
D3337 63”JC60/2×(JC60/2+JC50170Dmetal) 150×80 Twill
D3633 63”T75D×(JC32+JC50/70Dmetal) 133×86 Plain
D4405 63”JC60×(JC32+C30/70Dmetal) 156×90 Twill
D6146 63"(TN50/JC50 60S+T100D Yang+T100D Black)(175:9:36)*TN50/JC50 50S 142*88 Turn medial
D6147 63"(TN50/JC50 60S+T100D Yang+T100D Black)(49:5:1)*"(TN50/JC50 60S+T100D+T100D Black)(34:3:1) 146*88 Turn medial
D5451 63'(SS32+JC32)(1:1)x(SS32+JC32)(1:1) 143x108 Jacquard
D5876 62'(PTT 150D记忆+SS30)(1:1) x(PTT 150D+SS30)(1:1) 143x108 Jacquard
D5880 60'(M50/JC50 40+SS30)(2:1)xSS30 224x76 Jacquard
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